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Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo is the public company of Province of Livorno, established on May 31, 2000. From 18 December 2013 Livorno Port Authority (now Authority of the Harbor System of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea) has acquired 30% of the social quotas. The current company ownership is as follows: Province of Livorno (70%) and Authority of Harbor System of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea (30%).

The company has its legal and operative headquarters in Livorno, and the company’s capital is 76,500 euros.

Provincia di Livorno Sviluppo is involved in:

- implementing programs and projects of European, national, regional and local level promoted by third parties in which the shareholders assume, both jointly or separately, the role of coordinators and/or implementing bodies;

- carrying out direct actions in case of calls directly or indirectly issued by foreign authorities, with reference to the tasks of the shareholders, in matters of economic development, services for work and professional training, guidance, services for demand/supply matching, together with the promotion of the territory, including the development of the port and logistic system;

- supporting the shareholders in their institutional tasks;

- promoting, managing and coordinating public and private initiatives to favor the development of the economy, with particular reference to the upgrading of infrastructural facilities, the growth and rationalization of transports and intermodality, and the increase of employment,

- conceiving, planning and managing courses and initiatives related to training and professional update, guidance courses and initiatives and activities related to education, training and lifelong learning and to demand/supply matching.


Provincia di Livorn
Autorità portuale Livorno